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A travelling circus  

A mini circus tells the story of two nuns in a circus and a presents a spatial installation in a tent. It's a travelling intervention in public space. In 2014 there will be an additional live-show with local talents ...

THE SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH 2 tells the story of the circus as a spectacle and the circus as a lifeworld. The magic mixes with everyday life, as documentary images of a contemporary circus alternate with playful representations about the circus.
A small circus tent presents the spatial video installation THE SHOWSHOW, in which movie scenes, sculptures and light events remind the viewer of the past splendour of the circus.
Adjacent to the circus, a mobile home shows the video JUST JOURNEY WITH THEM. It tells the story of Sister Bernardis from Südlohn and Sister Dorothy, both of which former missionaries in former Papua New Guinea, who form a duo at the American circus Ringling, or, as it calls itself, the "Greatest Show on Earth”.

2014 there will be a first LIVE-SHOW in Jewishburg (Styria). Local talents are invited to show what they can do or have and find a suitable way of staging for it ...