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A travelling circus  
The ShowShow

Video installation with programmed events and objects
Circus tent (4 x 6 m), 2010, duration 14 min., continuous show.

Ladies and gentlemen,
see Charlie Chaplin dance on a tightrope for a full minute and light up the room to the beat of the music! See Anthony Quinn breath in and break the chains around his torso as he breathes out. Come on in, see the hedgehog light up as the ringmaster’s voice announces the next performance!

THE SHOWSHOW is a computer-based installation with video projection, kinetic objects, multi-channel audio and lighting. Inside the ring a projector shows film clips of circus performances that alternate with events in the room, thereby interlacing the cinematic space and the physical room.
Besides exposing the origins of cinema as a funfair, the SHOWSHOW also reveals the magical potential of a production and the characteristics of a show. The processing of the film snippet gives some players an ambivalent mixture of mechanical and live movements, thereby blurring the line between slapstick and the absurd. Amazing acrobatics, money-counting gorillas and guitar-playing bears are clearly recognisable as tricks and refer to the manipulation of media images while being entertainment in itself. Visitors are welcomed by the ringmaster in Platt, German or Dutch - or by the gorilla on duty. The space around the mini-circus becomes a public stage for situational performance and ‘attractions’. So guests, feel free to dress up!