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A travelling circus  
Just journey with them  

HDV to Bluray, 29'20'', Pal, colour, stereo 2009
Languages: Lowgerman, English, Pidgin, 
Subtitles: D, EN, NL

"Dorothy always says, ‘it's like in the Old Testament: It´s a journey. Life is a journey. Just journey with them." (Sister Bernardis)

Sister Bernardis and sister Dorothy are on tour throughout the US with a big circus. They live in a caravan and run a Christian community service they have dubbed the "ministry of presence".
Sister Bernard was born in 1944 as Hildegard Overkamp in the Westmünsterland and entered the Order of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart in 1965 in Muenster-Hiltrup. From 1968 til 1993 she lived in Papua New Guinea, where she taught indigenous women home economics. After 25 years, she concluded the locals can cope without her help and completed her mission. "I didn´t want to be an obstacle in the way they live their culture," she says.
Since 2000, she and her colleague Sister Dorothy have been on the road with a circus. Starting with a small family circus in 2005, they moved on to America's oldest and largest circus Ringling bros. As employees Sister Bernard takes care of the dancers´ wardrobe while Sister Dorothy teaches English to circus children. They offer Christians a community life, but also lend an ear to non-Christians. Also, they are well-aware of the PR role they play.
The video gives an insight into the objectives and the daily lives of two sisters on the road and in the circus; the constant constant building and breaking of the show, the journeying and the show itself. Behind the scenes we are witness of the numerous meetings of colleagues and the sisters tell about their motivation for joining this mission.
In 2010 sister Bernard turns 66. If the caravan holds out, she wants to stay stay with the circus at least one more season.


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Just journey with them
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